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This first step will tell HMRC why you need a Unique Taxpayer Reference.


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The Unique Taxpayer Reference is required to be able to file a tax return, but not everyone needs to file one. Choose 'Yes' to the questions that apply, from the 6 April of last year until today.

All income qualifies, such as income from employment, freelancing, contractor work, partnerships, rentals, etc.
Say Yes if you're a freelancer, a contractor, drive a taxi or are in a partnership.
Remember, if you started your own limited company, the chances are that you are its director.
Any property you have rented must be declared, whether it is a house, a flat or a single room. You must also declare it, even if you rented it through AirBnB.
Income such as interest from overseas banks or building societies, dividends and interest from overseas companies (eg. dividends from Apple Inc.) or rent from overseas properties qualifies as foreign income.
This only qualifies if tax is still due on this income. Please ask the solicitor handling these matters if you're unsure.
If you have tax to pay because you sold a holiday home or company shares, say Yes.